My work involves a challenging exploration of what art can do. An awareness of the history of art informs and enriches the visual language I use. Years ago, in America, I stopped using rectangular stretched canvas and started building makeshift constructions to paint on, that better reflected my situation and my state of mind. I studied art from different cultures and times: exploring the nature of art in the light of cultural and societal conditioning opened my eyes to unlimited possibilities.

I work completely openly, questioning everything and making connections. Inspiration comes from the totality of experience: things I think, feel, hear, remember, as well as what I see; and I interpret it using a broad art vocabulary in a variety of media. The process of creating is important: an engagement with the physical sensuality of materials; the challenge of combining real shapes and textures with painted ones: the alchemy of transformation. I like to work around the edges and in the gaps: between drawing, painting and sculpture, between figurative work and abstraction - exploring the nature of reality, both gentle and brutal: the fragility of the world and our engagement with it – and revelling in the language of art.